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We offer a range of unique services tailored to meet the needs of our clients

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At Bra-asher we are ready to help you achieve your drilling objectives through the combination of a suite of technologies with innovative tools to enable you maximize drilling efficiency in the harshest of environments.
Such technologies include; Surface logging systems, rotary-steerable systems, logging-while drilling (LWD) and measurement while drilling (MWD).

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Our completions solutions enable you get the best output from your reservoir to your well. Our completion strategy is designed to ensure the maximum recovery of your assets at a reasonable cost. Our solutions comprise; integrated completions, offshore completions and advanced completion systems.

Production Operation Support

We have a dedicated, specialized and experienced team who will work with you to ensure the optimization of your reservoir and asset in order to increase production while reducing asset operating cost.

 Bra-asher is confident to enable your wells and flowlines to perform at optimum conditions while keeping your production potential at the maximum.


BHP Surveys

In the course of production, over time reservoir and well conditions change, which necessitates well surveillance and tests. Bra-asher deploys electronic downhole memory recorders (quartz pressure gauges) to measure downhole parameters by conducting a flowing (FG), static (SG) and build-up (BG) gradient surveys.

The acquired data is used to estimate well and reservoir properties such as; permeability, skin, productivity index, average reservoir pressure, radius of investigation, flow potential, fluid gradient and well-bore storage constant.


Bra-asher provides well intervention solutions using Slickline. We provide and proffer solutions to various well challenges such as; wax-cutting, sand-bailing, zone change/ zone-switch, setting/ retrieving plugs and chokes, opening/ closing (shifting) of sliding sleeves, tagging T.D., installing and retrieving of SCSSVs, setting and pulling gas lift valves and so forth.

We collaborate with capable technical partners to deploy Slickline equipment comprises; Slickline Winch Unit, Power Pack, Pressure Control Equipment (Single/ Double ram BOPs, Lubricators), and Slickline Downhole Tools to solve your operational problems.

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Bra-Asher specializes in the preparation of Field Development Plans (FDPs). Based on dynamic models supplied by Operating Companies, Bra-Asher will assist in the preparation of field development plans giving well count, well types, well targets and trajectories, production rates, estimated recovery factors, development scenarios, facilities and development costs. Development plans will be provided as reports and presentations in the format as required by local approval agencies.

Bra-Asher has a team capable of carrying out petrophysical analyses on well and associated data as supplied by Operating Companies. Typical deliverables for such a study will be a suitable integrated geosciences, land, engineering and petrophysical solutions for the PC desktop such as Geographix based interpretation in the form of a series of log curves and summary tables indicating calculated porosities, phase saturations, contacts, net-to-gross, etc. plus report and presentation.
Bra-Asher can help with the creation of static geological models based on seismic and well data as supplied by Operating Companies. Typical deliverables for such a study will be a Geostatic -based geological model (like Petrel) plus a detailed report and presentation.  Bra-Asher Engineers can also help create dynamic reservoir simulation models based on geological models, well and production data as supplied by Operating Companies. Typical deliverables for such a study will be a fully history matched dynamic -based simulation model (like Eclipse data) deck plus a report and presentation detailing input data assumptions.
Bra-Asher assists in the preparation of Applications to Drill (ATDs). Based on FDPs and dynamic models supplied by Operating Companies, Bra-Asher will prepare ATDs and presentations in the format as required by local approval agencies. For example an Operating Company may have typically determined that batch drilling (drilling the same hole section in a number of wells consecutively) could significantly reduce costs and drilling times. Batch drilling requires that the preparation and approval of a number ATDs be accelerated.

Bra-Asher involves in other ad-hoc studies such as decline curve analyses, material balance studies, preparation of data gathering recommendations, work-over justifications, geo-mechanical studies, de-bottlenecking studies, production technology studies, vertical lift calculations, well and reservoir off take rate evaluations (effect of increasing well rates on parameters such as recovery factor and sand production), well performance reviews, reserves reconciliations, etc.
During the course of performing studies as outlined above, senior Bra-Asher staff will be expected to train and mentor a team of Operating Companies professionals in the use of the technical software and interpretation and evaluation methods.

Project Management

Managing your projects got even easier with us. We have certified Project Management Professionals (PMPs) who are competent in planning, coordinating and executing projects according to your specific requirements and constraint.

We understand you have project goals and objectives, as such we place emphasis on creating and maintaining project milestones and project schedules. A robust plan is developed which identifies tasks, and describes the process of achieving goals while quantifying the resources needed for these. Our goal is to ensure your project is completed on time and also within your budgets.

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Bra-asher is ready to take on your sourcing needs. We procure Oil and Gas Equipment covering; Compressors and Turbines, Separators and Filters, Petrochemical/ Refinery Equipment, HVAC Equipment, Fire and Gas Safety Equipment, Pipe Fittings and Flanges, Valves and Actuators, Pumps/ parts and accessories, Hoses and fluid handling equipment, Oilfield Drilling Chemicals and Muds, Drilling Machinery/ equipment, tools and accessories.

Man Power Supply

As part of our value-added services, Bra-asher Global offers man-power supply services for the energy industry for contract and/ or permanent staffing to meet your specific hiring needs.

We supply skilled, competent, experienced and duly certified personnel in any job discipline across the value chain. Our man-power sourcing services covers all aspects of personnel recruitment such as;

Personnel Sourcing/ Talent-hunting
Candidate Assessment/ Interview
Training and Personnel Development
Staffing/ On-boarding
Payroll etc.

Satisfying your staffing needs is our priority. We striveto provide solutions to your specific needs to enable you achieve your organizational growth objectives.

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Fire And Gas System / Fire Alarm System

(Domestic and Industrial Applications for Conventional and Addressable Systems)
Our fire and gas safety solutions is designed to protect industrial assets from fire risks.

Bra-asher has technical partnership with Fire and Gas Safety Systems Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) to ensure the products are readily available to meet your requests. We install and service;

⦁ Multi spectrum IR/ UV Flame Detectors
⦁ IR Gas Detector
⦁ IR Toxic Gas Detector
⦁ Explosion-proof Smoke Detector
⦁ Explosion-proof Heat Detector
⦁ Fire suppression system
⦁ Sounder control unit
⦁ Manual Call Point
⦁ Fire Alarm Control Panel
⦁ Display Transmitters
⦁ Sounders

Security & Access Control (CCTV 24-hour surveillance for analog and IP systems)

Our security solutions are designed to meet your needs and also has the capability of providing 24 hour surveillance of your properties/ assets from anywhere in the world. We offer the sales, installation and servicing of CCTV systems; DVRs, HD Analog Cameras, IP Cameras, NVRs, Surveillance Hard Drives, Wireless Cameras.

We also offer the sales, installation and servicing of Access Control Devices such as;
Facial Recognition, finger print access control, IP based fingerprint access control, standalone access control, card readers, video Door Phones, network Access Controller

Agro-Chemical Products

Man-Asher Technologies is a sister-company to Bra-Asher Global Limited. It is an Agro-Chemical Manufacturing, Sales and Distribution company based in Nigeria with a strong background in areas of agriculture, environmental services and provision of specialty services.
Man-Asher develops 100% indigenous technology through research and production with wide application in the agro-allied and agricultural input material areas.

Our main business aim is to provide the most cost-effective means of healthy crop yield and production in Nigeria and West Africa. We are strictly into the local scientific analysis and production of all our agro-allied products to eliminate to the barest minimum the hydra-headed problem of inorganic fertilizer production, distribution, poor education on usage, export restrictions and above all health concerns.

We are an international scientific company and our organic products are very adaptive to genetically modified productions, we operate 100% organic which can be easily adapted to meet specific needs.
Man-Asher Technologies have worked with various levels of government MDAs to improve on the agricultural output and sustainability of agriculture in Nigeria, we are hoping for more concerted efforts from the government to achieve our national road map for agricultural sustainability in Nigeria. We are a proudly Nigeria organization and our goals are geared to National pride.

Manasher Omega Super Fertilizer

One of our unique products is Manasher Omega Super Organic Fertilizer. It has comparative advantages of over conventional chemical fertilizers like Urea and NPK. Manasher Omega Super fertilizer is a soil catalyst, as it helps in the proper nourishment of the soil for proper and healthy crop production and yield.
Yield is higher than the other inorganic fertilizers. Manasher Omega Super Organic Fertilizer remedies the damage done to soils as a result of insistent use of the Chemical fertilizers.
Man-Asher Omega Super Fertilizer does much more than just fertilizing the soil. It also acts as a catalyst for plant growth and needed adaptability. It is specially formulated to meet high yield in multiples of the conventional products available locally. 
We would rather say Omega Super is a “Living Product“
They come in powdery and granular types; their application/ usage is further explained as follows;