Service Quality & Excellence

Positioned to offer Lasting solutions​

At Bra-asher,we are poised to deliver solutions which meet your needs.Our service execution is centred around our job delivery principles;​

 DEVELOP solution based on client’s request and challenge.

PREPARE required resources for service execution

EXECUTE service in accordance with job/ client’s requirements

REVIEW service performance to identify areas requiring improvements.

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Our Services

We offer a range of unique services tailored to meet the needs of our clients

Drilling Services

At Bra-asher we are ready to help you achieve your drilling objectives through the combination of a suite of technologies with innovative tools to enable you maximize drilling efficiency in the harshest of environments.

BHP Surveys

In the course of production, over time reservoir and well conditions change, which necessitates well surveillance and tests.Bra-asher deploys electronic downhole memory recorders (quartz pressure gauges) to measure downhole....


Bra-asher is ready to take on your sourcing needs. We procure Oil and Gas Equipment covering; Compressors and Turbines, Separators and Filters, Petrochemical/ Refinery Equipment, HVAC Equipment, Fire and Gas Safety Equipment, Pipe Fittings and Flanges, Valves and Actuators...

Agro Chemical Product

Man-Asher Technologies is a sister-company to Bra-Asher Global Limited. It is an Agro-Chemical Manufacturing, Sales and Distribution company based in Nigeria with a strong background in....